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What is Bet2Go.co.za?

We provide a free online service, enabling users to find and compare the best odds and bet with leading bookmakers across any sports/events around the world.

Ours odds comparison app is a must have for any serious punter who wants to win more money, and best of all it’s completely free. We have even secured special promotions in addition to their normal offers so you win even more. Our registration process is quick and secure and once completed you have the option of us completing the registration with our key partners in one click.

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One App, Instant Access

You have instant access to multiple bookmakers and with one simple download and registration, Bet2Go allows you one step further by directly integrating with all the leading Bookmakers around the world.


Open new bookmaker accounts in seconds, thanks to our advanced technology.


Add/link your existing bookmaker accounts and manage them from one app.


Shop for the best odds, across thousands of markets, including in-play and place your bets, instantly and effortlessly.


Deposit and withdraw money from one securely, stored credit card.


Bet with bookmakers

Bet2Go is the fastest, simplist and most convenient one stop betting app
Get the best of the bookmaker offers through our app, and take advantage of our own cash offers as well.
Whether you bet on football, horse racing, tennis, golf, cricket, darts or any other sport, Bet2Go is the platform of choice.
Live betting on the Premier League, The Masters, World Cup, Super Rugby, Champions League, Euro 2018 and all other major sporting events by downloading Bet2Go.
Free download. All our partner bookmakers are licensed to operate in South Africa.
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What we offer

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Our values


By offering you, the punter a combination of the smartest technology with the simplest experience, you can get the best bet quickly and easily.


We work with the best brands in the industry, but we offer truly impartial advice, ensuring that you in control.

Service orientated

We strive to help you get the best bet, and will stop at nothing to make sure we do so.

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